EWS #4 In-Service

Greeley, CO – Expedition Water Solutions Colorado LLC (“Expedition”) is excited to announce the official in-service of our newest facility, the EWS #4 (the “Facility”), located on the eastern edge of Keenesburg, Colorado. The Facility will operate two injection wells 24/7/365 with basin leading capacity, HSE standards and truck turnaround times. Expedition is thrilled to be able to accept volumes in excess of 25,000 Bw/d, further accommodating our loyal customers while continuing our growth story.

“We are very excited to open the EWS #4. Opening this facility is another big step forward in executing our corporate strategy of expanding our Rockies footprint by providing high capacity, best-in-class facilities located in high demand areas.”

– Zach Neal, Chief Financial Officer

“We are very proud of our team members that made the EWS #4 a reality. We are excited and honored to join the Keenesburg community, and look forward to making a positive impact in the community with our new neighbors. We look forward to continuing to bring our customers best-in-class service as we expand into Keenesburg.”

– Jim Goddard, President & Founder


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