About Us

Expedition Water Solutions Colorado LLC (“Expedition”) is a Class II oilfield wastewater disposal infrastructure company with principal operations in the Denver-Julesburg Basin (“DJ Basin”) of Colorado. Expedition also operates a Class I oilfield waste water disposal facility in the Powder River (“PR Basin), with additional facilities in the near future. Expedition enjoys the most extensive operating experience with the most experienced employees in the DJ Basin, and is proud to provide best-in- class safety and superior service.

To Expedition, customer service means minimal operational downtime, speedy turn-around time for customer trucks, providing pipeline infrastructure, building excess capacity, and effectively communicating with our customers. Expedition strives to put customers first in all circumstances and to provide impeccable service.

At Expedition, we believe that our strength starts with our employees. Our employees provide exceptional work ethic and highly professional skills to our customers. Expedition believes providing superior customer service includes providing best-in-class safety for our family of employees.

Expedition is proud to offer disposal services and truck washout services in the DJ and PR Basin and is actively pursuing other related service lines to fully serve our customers.

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